Why, They Say, Selling A House, Is All About Price?

One of the main, principles, of selling real estate, is, It’s all about price. Although, that’s a rather, simplistic, under – statement, there is no doubt, pricing a house, is, perhaps, the most significant aspect, of getting it sold, at the best possible price, in the shortest period of time, and with a minimum of hassle, stress, or unnecessary tension! This process must begin, with a homeowner, who is committed, to doing what he can, to help himself, by listening to the real estate professional, he hires. Therefore, homeowners must interview prospective agents, and hire someone, who tells you, what you need to know, not just want to hear (TM). With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some of the basics of intelligently, pricing one’s house, from the beginning.

1. Determining the best price: Avoid the temptation, to over – estimate, the true value of your house, because of your emotional attachment, and/ or greed! The only way to do so, is, to have a professionally, designed and created, Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), prepared, specifically, for you. This will help you determine, some realistic expectations, rather than wishful thinking! Once prepared, a homeowner and his chosen agent, must determine a strategy, to determine, where in the potential range, the home, should be, originally, listed. Should it be, in the upper, middle, or lower end of the range, and why? Have a thorough discussion, understand the reasoning and rationale, and price accordingly! Be certain, agent and client, are, on the same – page!

2. Pricing it right, from the start: Houses, which are priced correctly, from the start, nearly always, produce the best results! In the vast majority of instances, homes garner their best offers, in the first few weeks, and, to do so, it’s important to expose the property, to the greatest number, of qualified, potential, home buyers. Far too often, we are overly influenced, when, a particular agent, suggests listing our homes, at the highest price, but, fail to recognize, the selling, and listing prices. are considerably different! This practice is often referred to, as, Buying A Listing, because it appeals to a combination of the emotional, and greed – related, aspects of our personalities! However, doesn’t it make sense, it would better serve one’s interests, to proceed, with a strategic and action plan, to generate the most interest, and obtain the best offers?

Homeowners, beware, you can either list your home, based on your wish – list, or by focusing on the competition, and a clear – cut, strategy. Price it right, from the start, and you’ll generally, get the best possible results!

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