Do You Market, Or Sell Real Estate?: 3 Things To Consider

If you are a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, or Associate Broker, etc, it’s important to consider, whether, you are selling real estate, or, in – sales, and, whether, you market, or sell properties, etc! While many, seem to believe, these are the same, in reality, there are some significant differences, in how one proceeds, acts, behaves, functions, and serves, those who hire him! Do you market, or sell real estate, or both? While there are many things to consider, this article will focus on, three significant things, to emphasize, and focus on. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Market and promote, versus, selling proactively: What is the difference between selling and marketing real estate? It is the responsibility of an agent, to perform both these duties, and more! Marketing properties means promoting them, using a combination of personal and professional contacts, advertising, referrals, digital promotions, etc. However, unless one transforms these actions, proactively, into sales, not only, won’t the agent, get paid, but he does not fulfill his obligation to his client! The essential difference between selling, and sales, is, selling is the process, while sales, is the closing, of the deal!

2. Marketing using an Open House, versus the follow – through: All Open Houses are not created equal! While, for most properties, this process is helpful, at least, from an exposure perspective, some agents, proceed, merely as attendants, while the most successful ones, try to make an inspiring, motivating, compelling connection, with those, who attend! Since most sales, do not arrive, directly from an Open House, it’s important to use them, to develop a list of qualified, potential buyers, for other situations, which may present themselves! How one follows – through, makes all the difference, in the world!

3. Market via advertising, but selling, by converting the deal: Advertising is one form of professional marketing, when used effectively, in combination with other available promotional areas, often makes a significant difference, for the better! What differentiates the finest representatives, from the rest – of – the – pack, is proceeding forward, consistently, and constantly, in an effort to truly, convert the deal, and close a sale, which produces the most bang – for – the – buck!

Real estate professionals must provide the finest service for their clients, by, both, marketing, and selling properties, closing deals, and making sales! Why should homeowners hire you?

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Tips and Tricks for Buying Your Next Car From a Car Dealer

Whether you are in the market for a brand new $120,000 sportscar or a new-to-you $2,500 commuter, all consumers want a „good deal“. Nearly every dealership will spend thousands of marketing dollars on stressing this fact to you, all before you ever step foot on the asphalt. It is up to you, the informed consumer, to utilize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and do the uncomfortable dance to get behind the wheel of your dream vehicle at the best possible price. Following some or all of these pieces of advice will give you the best chance to do just that.

1. There is always a „Big sale and promotion“, but the biggest are at the end of the month.

If you get nothing else out of this article, get this: Do NOT go car shopping outside of the last 5 days of the month. Manufacturers create monthly incentives to attract customers to the dealer’s lots. Normally, these incentives run through the end of the month. However, every dealer (from the dealer principle to the newest salesperson) is trying to sell the most cars possible. As a result, they will be a lot more flexible and eager to earn your business on the 27th, as opposed to the 7th.

2. There is a lot more markup on used cars than new cars.

Don’t expect for the dealer to come off the advertised price on a new vehicle by much at all! What would you guess is the average markup on a new vehicle? $3,000 or maybe ever $5,000? Let’s try negative $256.00. I’m not kidding. Out of a group of 80 franchised dealerships, they lose an average of $256.00 gross by selling this specific model. When looking at used cars, pay attention to any pricing trends. Do you see some common endings, such as $XX,995 or $XX,986? Ask the salesperson in very general terms how long some of these vehicles have been on the lot and you might be surprised what you can learn. Most dealerships shoot to „turn“ or sell used vehicles within 45 or 60 days. If the vehicle is older than that, you have quite a bit more leverage.

3. Be polite, seriously!

Everyone has dealer horror stories that they love to tell when they hear that their neighbor or coworker is going to buy a new vehicle. Here is a great piece of advice: if you don’t like the way you are treated at a dealership, then get back in your car and leave! There are good dealerships in your area that have good salespeople. The best part about it: you can get the same price on a new vehicle, since there is so little markup. However, please be polite. Car salesmen are people too. They get their feelings hurt and are simply trying to make a living. If you treat them with the same amount of respect that you hope to receive, you will make the entire buying process better for everyone involved.

Buying a vehicle doesn’t have to be a scary experience. As you start this process next time, please keep in mind these key points. They are guaranteed to help you as you go through this process. Remember, an informed consumer is a powerful consumer. Use all of the tools at your disposal before going to the dealership and be polite once you are there. Most of all, enjoy the car buying process and congratulations on the purchase of your new vehicle!

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Great Tips On How To Sell Your Home Fast

Sometimes, when a house is put on the market, the sellers need to sell fast. There could be a variety of reasons why, but it doesn’t really matter. The good news is that there are some things that you can do to help your home to sell quickly.

This is true even if it is a buyer’s market. One of the best ways to sell your home quickly is to work with an experienced realtor. Ideally, the realtor would have quite a few years of experience, a number of community contacts, and a reputation for selling homes quickly.

Such a person can also give you a bunch of tips on selling your home as fast as possible. Another way to sell your home quickly, is to work with an interior designer. The truth is, that the colors, the decor and the ambiance in your home, can all help or hinder you in your efforts to sell your home. If, for example, your dining room is bright orange or your living room carpeting is a gaudy purple color, this may actually hinder your efforts.

The key is to paint your home using tasteful neutrals. While a home painted completely in white, can also turn off prospective buyers, research shows that earth tones and other neutral colors can actually help to sell your home. Perhaps this is because such colors will blend easily with a number of different colors. In other words, prospective buyers won’t have to re-paint or re-carpet once they buy the house.

If your home is in mint condition, it is also more likely to sell quickly. Fixing the „small things“ like that leaky faucet or the nail holes in the kitchen walls, can actually help to sell your home as well. For this reason, it is a wise idea to make a list of things that need to be repaired or replaced, before putting your home up for sale. Then, fix the items on the list or hire a handyman to fix or replace the items.

A fresh coat of paint can also work miracles. Curb appeal can also help when selling your home. When you decide to place your home on the market, keep your lawn neatly trimmed or hire a lawn service if you can not properly maintain the lawn yourself. Make sure that the lawn edges are trimmed and that any shrubbery around the foundation of the home is trimmed.

Outside lighting should be properly maintained as well as mailboxes and other items on the lawn. Keep the flower beds weeded and add a layer of fresh mulch around the foundation if necessary. Promptly rake leaves in the fall and shovel the snow in the winter time.

If you are trying to sell your home in the spring or summer, consider planting colorful annuals around your property to attract interest. Remember to keep children’s toys picked up from the yard and stacked neatly as well.

Inside the home, consider putting an arrangement of fresh flowers on the table or burning candles to create a pleasant atmosphere. Many people will bake something like bread or cookies, prior to a viewing, to scent the air and make the home seem comfy and warm.

Cut down on the clutter wherever you can. If you are like most homeowners, you have a considerable amount of clutter in your closets or around your home. Experts advise that homeowners with such a situation, sometimes will rent a storage facility to hide their excess items until the home is sold.

Clear out the garage and other storage areas as much as possible, this will give the illusion that your closets and other storage areas are bigger than what they actually are.

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How to Sell Your House Yourself Easily?

Selling the house put people in a dilemma whether they should hire a real estate agent or not? Well, if you are capable of selling your house on your own then why hire a real estate agent with whom you have to share your profit.

Usually, property owners are expected to pay 5% to 7% of the sale price to an agent. However, if you choose to sell your property yourself then you will not only be able to save on the real estate agent fees but also will get the freedom to sell your property in your own ways.

Before you move further to sell your house yourself, do consider the following discussed factors that will make your selling easy:

The location of the property is believed to be one of the crucial factors. Since no one can change the location of your home to take it to the more desirable place, thus, the price you expect should be realistic. You will get nothing if you offer a much higher price in comparison to the other properties that are being sold in the same area. Therefore, it is recommended to do proper research to find out what neighborhood properties have been selling for.

What is the status of the housing market like at the moment? Find out the worth of the property a few years ago and now? Considering the history of the property prices, it is important that you price your property in line as per the current market conditions.

Check out the condition of your property at present. Before you advertise your property for selling, it is good to allow a property inspector to visit and value your home. On sell your house yourself; you may not be able to see the little defects and repairs that a professional can observe.

In many cases, the reason for selling your house influences the decision of the buyers. So, you should be clear about your words that describe the reason.

Next, you need to think like a potential buyer. You simply cannot show your emotions to get in a selling way. If any corner of your house needs repairs or changes, then you should get it repaired or changed immediately. Prior to starting the process of selling your house, think from a buyer’s point of view.

Sell your property yourself can save you from long meetings with agents and their representatives. By listing it on a reliable listing portal, you will be able to reach millions of potential buyers, investors, and renters. Such a quick reach is not possible with the traditional methods of selling homes that include putting advertisements on newspapers, television, and handing out flyers. These property listing portals will make you connect with more and more people by putting your minimal efforts. Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of the internet cannot be overemphasized as it allows you to create the perfect online presence with an affordable advertising budget.

There are various portals online that allow you to advertise your property without charging any commission or hidden costs. Among such options, choosing the best one is vital to get the quickest outcome of your property.

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Secrets to Finding Pre-Foreclosures for Short Sales

By far, the most essential step in the short sale process is finding motivated sellers

in pre-foreclosure. If you can’t find motivated sellers in pre-foreclosure, then it will

be very difficult to do short sales.

I will share with you a few of my secrets of finding motivated sellers and you just

need to choose 3 or 4 of them to use that fit your style. The idea behind this is to

maintain a constant flow of pre-foreclosure leads – potential homeowners who need

your help and expertise.

There are several ways in which to find motivated homeowners. Newspapers, ads,

signs, courthouse, attorneys, just to name a few. See, when a homeowner is

delinquent on their mortgage, a legal notice or notice of default must be sent to the

homeowner to let them know that their property will be going to auction soon. Once

the legal notice has been recorded, you can go to the courthouse and research these

files to find homeowners in default. These legal notices are published weekly,

sometimes daily at the courthouse. This will be the first place to look. Go down to

your county courthouse and ask to speak to the clerk of courts. Then ask him

where they publicize the legal notices or notices of foreclosure or lis pendens.

Depending on what state you live in, they may call it something different. If you

can’t get any answers, then go to the recorders office. Any legal action must be

recorded. You are looking for notices that show homeowners have defaulted on a

loan and are now trying to collect the debt. Once you find them, make sure you

don’t take any of these notices or files out of the building, just ask them if you can

make copies.

Before you leave, ask the clerk or recorder if there is a county website or newspaper

that publishes all the legal notices so you can save time by just looking them up on

your computer. Most newspapers have a website with everything on it – yes even

legal notices. Let me clarify one thing. Ideally, you are trying to find homeowners

who are 90 days from the auction because this gives you more time to negotiate a

short sale with the bank. Every state is required to notify the public, usually by

newspaper, that there will be a foreclosure auction on such and such a property

anywhere between 3 to 5 weeks before the auction. So be aware that if you find

legal notices in a newspaper, the auction is only 3 to 5 week away. You must act

very quickly and know what you are doing. On the other hand, when you go to the

courthouse or recorders office, typically the homeowner still has a few months

before the auction.

Real estate agents can become very useful to you. They are constantly looking at

real estate, it’s their job. Start networking with them. Come up with some sort of

win-win. Let them know if they ever see a property that is upside down or

over-leveraged, to give you a call. If you buy the property, let them list it for you.

Agents make their money from commissions. You treat them good, they will treat

you good.

Business cards are another great way to find pre-foreclosures. You can hand them

out to everyone and let them know you buy distressed properties. Give them out to

real estate agents, attorneys, friends, neighbors and so on. Anything that gets your

name out there that you are looking to invest in distressed properties. Make them

attractive so people want to call you back. Send them out in all your letters. Money

talks for most people. So set up some sort of referral program where you give them

money if they know of anyone who may need your help and you buy their home. I

don’t know how many people I’ve talked to just because of a small finders fee. Most

of the time it’s friends and neighbors of the people you are doing the short sale

with. They are so pleased with what you’ve done with them, they want you to help

their friends or family, plus they get a finders fee. You could have something like

this – „this card is worth $1000 to whomever finds me a property!“

Attorneys work well because a huge number of people are filing for divorce or

bankruptcy. If you know any attorneys that specialize in these areas, work with

them. They can become one of your greatest assets.

Other methods include flyers, magnets, newspaper ads, and signs you see on the

side of the road. Try all these ways to find pre-foreclosure leads and then focus on

the ones that bring you the best results.

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Are You Prepared, To Sell, Your Home?

For a variety of reasons, and purposes, individuals decide, the time, is right, to relocate, and, thus, sell their existing home. How someone might be prepared, often, makes a significant difference, in the entire process, and this preparation must combine, emotional, financial, introspective/ objective, and the ability to listen, to the professional, real estate agent, you choose, and hire. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, and discuss, some essential components/ necessities, in preparing to sell your home, and end – up, with the best possible results, with a minimum of hassle, and get the best – available price.

1. Why are you moving?: Consider your reasons, personal needs and objectives, priorities, and purposes, in making this important decision. Are you moving, for financial reasons, personal ones, a combination of both, or some other reason? Either way, you should be seeking, obtaining, the highest available price, in the shortest period of time, with a minimum of stress/ hassle!

2. Getting the house ready/ prepared: Begin with reducing clutter, significantly. Decide what you need, and do not, and sort accordingly. Whatever is unnecessary/ needed, proceed to dispose of, either by giving things away to the needy, etc, and/ or throwing – out! With other clutter, box it up, and put it away, into storage. At the same time, consult with a professional, and reduce the amount and type of furniture, so you are staging, for optimum results. Put the excess stuff, temporarily into storage, also. How about the window coverings/ shades? Do they show, your house, to its best advantage? Objectively examine walls and flaws, and enhance, in an inexpensive, cosmetic manner, by shampooing carpets, cleaning and polishing wood flaws, enhancing tile, etc, thoroughly cleaning the entire house, and painting, with neutral colors, in all appropriate, needed areas. Remember, you only get one chance, to make a quality, first impression!

3. Choosing/ hiring the right real estate agent: What do you seek, in your real estate professional? Have a thorough discussion, and interview, several, so you choose, the individual, best – suited, for you, and your needs! Be certain, you’re on the same – page, with the person, you hire! Beware, you need someone, who will explain his pricing philosophy, and why he believes, you need, to price your house right, from the start!

4. Pricing: Don’t be persuaded to price something high, because, in most cases, houses, obtain their best offers, in the first few weeks, after being put, on the marker, so, price it right, from the start! Make your decision, based on, a Competitive Market Analysis (or CMA).

The better you prepare, the easier the process of selling your home, becomes. A wise homeowner, realizes, the house’s value is usually his single – biggest financial asset, so he, proceeds wisely, and using common sense!

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Set Your Home Apart – Listing vs. Marketing

When you list your home for sale, the objective is to get the most money in your pocket as possible. It seems intuitive that you would get the most money by paying the least money to get it sold. Reality, however, is that you get what you pay for.

Your listing options run the gamut from putting a „for sale by owner“ sign in your front yard to signing with an agent who will list your home in the Multiple Listing Service and possibly online to choosing a Realtor who will market your home. Any of these approaches can get your home sold, but how quickly it sells and how much you ultimately receive for the sale of your home can vary widely.

I used to have an income tax preparer named Bill who had been doing taxes for individuals and businesses for many years. In other words, Bill had a lot of experience. Best of all, Bill was cheap, and I enjoyed the value I thought I was getting every year when he did my taxes, particularly since I have a fairly complicated tax situation with two businesses, employees, retirement accounts, etc.

One year I happened to take a tax planning seminar that gave a lot of advice in those areas. When I asked Bill about some strategies recommended at the seminar, he told me that those strategies really wouldn’t save me any money in the long run. I decided I should get a second opinion on my overall tax situation, so I had my return processed by both Bill and a local accounting firm. Bill processed pretty much the same return he had done for me for years.

The accounting firm, however, had me bring in a lot more information than Bill ever had requested. I had several meetings with a CPA for my businesses, a tax attorney for my retirement accounts, and their respective assistants. Needless to say, when I got their bill I wasn’t happy (they bill by the hour)….. until I saw the tax return they prepared for me. To my delight they found several areas where I was overpaying. They were able to save me so much money that all of a sudden their fee seemed reasonable.

At first I was upset with my old friend Bill. But then I realized that I pretty much got what I paid for. Bill was doing the best he could with his available resources and charged me accordingly. My new accounting firm, however, had a vast amount of resources and were able to really spend the time my situation demanded. In the end, yes, they cost me more to prepare my taxes, but they also saved me money.

I mention my tax experience because selling a home has many similarities to preparing a tax return. Marketing a home involves so much more than just picking a price and sticking a sign in the front yard. The more resources employed in marketing the home, the faster it will sell.

When a home sells faster the owner almost always gets a better price since the market has not had a chance to beat that price down. The owner does not get worn out after months of showings, nor is the owner paying interest, taxes, insurance, and utilities for this home month after month waiting for the sale.

So what is the difference between one real estate firm and another and what is the difference between one agent and another? And how can that affect your financial and emotional outcome when selling a house? I will discuss in depth many different ways a home can be effectively marketed in the next article „Lack of Effective Marketing“ – Part 3 of Why Listings Expire.

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What to Do With Your Pet When Selling Your Home? Tips for a Successful and Profitable Sale!

There is a saying; „Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?“ Many people can be particularly resistant to this when it comes to their pets.

Although you may be a pet lover who adores your furry critters; there are many people who do not feel the same. This being the case you have a choice regarding how fast you will sell your home and how much you will get for it; depending upon your willingness to adjust your thoughts and adapt your home during the marketing process to make it desirable to not only like-minded individuals but to all potential buyers.

You can take offense with those who are not particularly fond of household pets and stubbornly choose to do nothing or you can do a few simple things to assure your home shows as if no pet ever lived there; enticing all to want to purchase it.

In today’s market it is quite popular to advertise a home as pet and smoke free; as has been the case with pre-owned vehicles for many years. There are many reasons for this of course; because both can cause considerable damage to the space or in some cases certain individuals may simply have a health related issue.

Just like with a vehicle potential home purchasers may look for this disclosure in the marketing print, will ask the question directly and despite what they have read or have been told they will certainly be diligent about sniffing it out if they proceed to the next step of viewing your home.

Even if they are pet lovers themselves they do not want to purchase anything that contains what they deem to be offensive odors or other pet related damage. If asked the question always answer honestly; yet you can still take care of a few things to help a buyer get beyond this particular objection.

The Nose Knows

In all our personal spaces we become use to the smells or odors that are consistently part of our everyday life. We live day to day, never noticing many things; especially pet odors because our noses and other senses often become immune to our everyday living conditions.

Even if your pets are well behaved and more than house trained, including cats that are taught to do their business outside rather than in a litter box, many people can immediately detect even the natural odors of well groomed four legged creatures that may cause them to turn their noses up and walk away. In their minds they deduct if something as simple as a less than fresh clean smelling home is evident; then what other maintenance or more serious damage exists as well that has not been attended to. You need to start your marketing efforts out right with a fresh, clean smelling home that assures a potential buyer no pet lives here.

Give Your Pets a new temporary home!

The first option is to temporarily relocate your pets by having them stay with a trusted friend or family member who will love and care for them as if they were their own. This is a hard pill to swallow for most pet lovers; as your pet is a family member and you most likely would not want to remove them from the surroundings they know and love.

Is this inconvenient… possibly; but it is not unkind for many reasons. For instance many pets are often traumatized by multiple strangers suddenly entering their space which is common especially in the hot selling markets like Colorado. They could also run off through a gate or door accidentally left unlatched by one of the viewers. Or they could attempt to hide in an unsafe area or worse still may be so fearful they resort to even more dangerous behavior. So it is a kind thing to do for everyone concerned to temporarily relocate them while your home is on the market. It is the best option to give you time to repair any pet damage and not risk anything being damaged again before the sale. Removing your pets will help you restore your home to fresh clean smelling atmosphere and looking great to properly market it; especially if you want to attract a fast sale and top dollar.

Remove your pets during showings!

If you find it impossible to relocate your pet during your home marketing period please understand it is not just pet odors that can repel a potential buyer. Many people are intimidated by pets they do not personally know and will be frightened or at least hesitant to enter a home to view if a pet is present.

Even if you have the most friendly dog or cat whose behavior you can attest to; any pet can be unpredictable when strangers attempt to enter a home; especially when you are not there to assure them there is no danger. Too often unfortunate things have occurred even when one insists with the common statement; „Oh don’t worry he/she doesn’t bite“.

This of course brings up liability issues; something no one wants to ever deal with especially in addition to selling a home. It is important to protect everyone involved on all levels, including your pet. You should have a plan already in place prior to putting your home on the market as to how you will handle home showings if your pet is in residence.

Scheduled showings can be more easily handled if there is at least one stay at home family member who can quickly remove the pet/s and evidence of their existence along with themselves when a viewing is scheduled. If this is not the case and you also do not have a job that will allow you to leave in order to either contain the pet in a safe pen or take your pet out of the house completely; your pet’s presence can definitely interfere with the sale of you home.

Most people are more comfortable and prefer to view a home sans the seller and their pets; as they use the viewing as an opportunity to not only inspect everything in detail but also to imagine the home as their own. You do not want to cause anything to distract them from this most important decision making factor when they are looking for their own family friendly home.

Remove all evidence of your resident pet both inside and out!

Besides odors make sure the entire home both inside and out is clean of anything else that says „Pet/s live here“. Remove cat litters or at minimum clean them thoroughly every day before departing to work so you are ready in advance for a showing. No one wants to smell or view piles of poop in a box crammed in some corner of the bathroom or laundry room or step in anything unpleasant in the yard.

Repair or replace yellow lawn spots and any other damage done to doors, fences, trims, furniture or elsewhere from chewing or scratching. Have all carpets, floors, furniture and window coverings professionally cleaned. All of these items retain odors and a can of room deodorizer, despite advertising claims will not cover unpleasant odors for more than a few moments. Spraying a room with a flowery scent just before departing or opening all the windows will not fool a savvy buyer for very long. As a matter of fact you will only end up drawing more attention to the very odors you think you are trying to eliminate. Most people also find strong perfumed aromas equally as offensive or distasteful as odors and smells and this will raise a red flag as to an attempt to hide something even more unpleasant; not to mention risking a possible buyer having a sneezing attack or even more serious allergic reaction to the chemical based sweet smelling products.

Part of staging a home properly is to remove as many personal photos or images to give the buyers the ability to envision the house as their own. This should include photos of your pets and goes without saying (you would think) do not use any photos in marketing material that display your pet. Although your pets are precious and many pet lovers love to show off their pets at any opportunity; they do not belong in the marketing materials of your home. You have to remember you are presenting a home for sale; you do not want to advertise your pets along with it. Potential buyers who own pets or are planning to add one to their family will ask the appropriate questions of their realtor regarding any concerns for their pets; such as: „Is the neighborhood pet friendly or are there dog parks nearby“, etc.

In 35+ years in the real estate industry I can assure you a home free of pet odors and damage sells far faster and for more money than those that are not.

Do everything you can to prepare your home to be marketed successfully by following the tips above so you can enjoy a quick sale of your home at top dollar.

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How Can A Real Estate Investor Stop Foreclosure?

When you buy your home the idea of going into default probably doesn’t even come across your mind. Sadly this can happen no matter what type of planning you prepare before you move into your home. If you have a sudden job loss, or some kind of large expense, it can make paying your mortgage next to impossible. When you first buy a foreclosure seems impossible but it can quickly turn into reality for some homeowners. Luckily there are a couple of different ways that a real estate investor can help you avoid foreclosure. Here are a few of the things that you can do to stop foreclosure.

Real Estate Investors

When time is of the essence, real estate investors are by far the fastest way to sell your home. Although you can sell your home at market value using a real estate agent or going through the process yourself doing the sale for sale by owner, the average time a house sits on the market is 3 months. Investors can inspect your home, provide a plan, and close the house within a matter of weeks, even days. Since for many seasoned investors, this is their profession, they have all their finances in order and know the home sale process very well. This is different than catering to more traditional buyers who may only go through the home sale transaction several times in their lives and sometimes weeks are tied up as they are securing a mortgage of their own.

Discount The Sale Price

If you are going through the foreclosure process one of the things that an investor will be willing to do is buy your home at a discount. Homes in foreclosure are usually going to be below market value so it will typically be a financial acquisition that is profitable for them but sometimes when you add up the cost of closing it does not work out that way. The good thing about this is that the investor will typically take care of all of the cost of selling a house which means that you don’t have to. For a homeowner in a tough spot this can mean you walk away from the house without owning a large debt.

Take Over A Loan

In the real estate business, taking over the loan and making up the back payments is called purchasing a home "subject to." This means that the investor pays off the missed payments to bring the loan current and then starts paying the loan himself. However, the loan is still listed and signed under the homeowner’s name, so the homeowner is still held responsible if the loan starts to fall behind again. The benefit to the homeowner is that foreclosure is avoided and the loan becomes current. The benefit to the investor is that the home can be acquired without many of the costs of a standard sale such as the loan and appraisal fees. However, most lending firms create contracts in which "subject to" cannot be done since the full amount of the loan is due when title of the home is transferred upon sale. In practice, however, lending institutions would much rather have the loan become current and it matters little as to who the authority is so long as the payments are timely. This strategy can be a very important tool, but as you can see, it is not without its risks. All parties must have full understanding of the documents and how they are prepared.

Discount Loan From Lender

When selling your home, this is more commonly referred to as a short sale. The investor negotiates with the lending institution to strike a deal in which the lender will transfer the property at a discount. Why would the lender do that? For one, financial institutions are in the business of making a profit through loans, not in selling homes. Second, it is much better for the bank to receive less cash now, than waiting for more cash later during which the bank must own and maintain the home and try to sell it at market price.

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How to Sell Your Home Fast, Lightning Fast

Are you all set to get your home sold? Great! Now the next questions you should ask yourself is exactly how are you willing to go about doing it and exactly how long can you wait? When you’re aiming to offer your home you require to consider your desires and objectives. Is the home making your life miserable or are you simply planning to get the most for your cash and you want to wait for that perfect purchaser?

Lets presume that you’re planning to get the most you can from your property. In order to do this you’ll have to see to it that everything in your house is entirely fixed. There can not be any known concerns such as plumbing, electrical, natural or structural problems. By organic issues I indicate parasites and weeds. After the essentials are cared for you need to concentrate your focus on something called staging. Staging is everything about embellishing the home in such a way that it will make your potential buyers, specifically their spouses because they ultimately manage men in relationships, want to buy the home. You can do this be either decorating the property yourself with brilliant selling colors with art work and furnishings such as yellow, orange, mango and lime. These specific colors mentally set off purchasing moods.

Take examples from the regional design and decoration books and take trips to furnishing establishments. For this technique I’d advise offering the home furnished, if for any reason the purchasers would be interested in buying the property unfurnished you can always hold an auction to sell off the furniture numerous weeks prior to the closing date. Before you do that, just make sure that the purchaser’s deposit has already been received and that you’re at the point in the agreement where they won’t be able to get their deposit back if they back out of the deal.

Now, if your property in is in such a condition that it would not make sense for you to fix it and you’re just wanting to sell it swiftly, there is a much easier way to offer your home. All you have to do is call one of those ‚We Buy Houses‘ guys, and they’ll purchase it from you. The benefit of dealing with a ‚We Buy Houses‘ purchaser is that you don’t have to worry about conducting any repair services to your property, you do not have to worry about listing it with a Realtor or showing it to a thousand tire kicker purchasers, waiting around for somebody to get bank financing and you most certainly do not even need to manage the closing procedure, take care of title business, city officials, inspectors or pay any closing costs.

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