How to Find Land Before the Real Estate Agents Find It!

Knowing how to find land before a real estate agent has it listed at top dollar is terribly important if you want to make profits in land, either residential, or farm lands, or hunting lands.

There are several methods of finding land and some of the more popular methods are simply looking in the offline classifieds, as well as the online classifieds. Of course, Craigslist is a good source of information.

To find land that is in foreclosure, you can contact your county clerk’s office and get information on any pending foreclosure sale. You could contact local banks and determine if they have any bank owned land that they want to sell.

Plus a good source for finding land before it is listed by a Realtor, is property in probate.

To find property in probate, you can talk with lawyers who deal with probate and who are presently working to settle the estates of various people. Or you can track down probate cases yourself. You simply get a local county newspaper which has the legal notices in it and locate the probate cases and get some case numbers and names.

Then go to the Internet or to the county probate court and get information on the probate cases you have found. At the tax appraiser’s office, you can determine what real estate they owned and of course, you are looking for land. You need to determine who the Executor of the Estate or the Personal Representative is and contact them about acquiring land that may be in the estate.

You want to try to find a parcel of land that the executor of the estate lives out of town. They have to take care of a lot of problems and they may be anxious to get rid of a problem, i.e., a piece of land, very badly, especially if they are out of town.

My favorite method of finding land before the real estate agents find it is to send a letter to the owners. I have used several letters and the one that I like best does a fantastic job, normally getting a 13% response! Once you start getting involved with land, you will find that the deals come out of the woodwork and you will have all you need.

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